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Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Cosmetologist, body waxer, certified spray tan tech, MMA Ring Girl
Favorite Food:
5’1"/ 104
going fishing and going to truck shows
Hair Color:
brown with blonde highlights and it is all my real hair! No extensions!
Eye Color:
Body type:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Music:
Favorite Books/Magazines:
favorite magazine was Mini Truckin and favorite book "Why Men Love Bitches"
Favorite Thing in the world:
going fishing!
Favorite Movies:
Slingblade and The Wild Wonderful Whites of West Virgina
Dream Vacation:
Dream Car:
When did you start modeling?
It was all on accident! I would go to shows as a spectator since 1999..then back in 04 I was at a show and this dude was like take a pic by this truck! So I guess for about 10 years!
What is your favorite thing about being a model?
I would say free clothing!
What area of modeling are you most interested in?
Custom truck modeling and of course MMA Ring Card Girl
What goals are you pursuing for the future/what would you like to accomplish?
I take life one day at a time! I don't plan ahead! Whatever happens..happens lol
Are there any magazines you would like to see yourself on the cover of?
Well I had always dreamed of Mini Truckin (I'm a big dreamer) but now I don't know!
What are your most memorable modeling experiences?
Probably at Blooddrag in 06...I was getting shot for a feature in Tailgate and it was 35 degrees and not only was I in a bikini but also hungover from drinking Jäger straight and had the worst headache from sitting at Lowlife Video booth right beside the Hornblasters booth who blew those freakin horns all day long !! Lol
Have you had any modeling experiences you wish you could forget?
Scrapin the Coast 05..having to stop shooting Lowlife Video to go barf in the bushes because it was only 100 degrees that day!
What do you do for fun?
Are you into any sports?
I live by the University of Alabama and all they do is win! Roll Tide!! RMFT!
How do you stay in shape?
Luck! I try to avoid fast food and eat protein.
If your body was a car type, what would it be and why?
Lamborghini Gallardo because it's about the way it makes you feel and the way it turns heads!!
If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
Las Vegas simply because that's where SEMA is held!
What kind of music are you listening to these days?
Yelawolf! He's from Alabama! Hallerrr!
Have you ever used your looks to get out of a ticket?
Well that didn't work on a state trooper who had me clocked going 130mph! Reckless driving tickets are expensive and 5 points on your record!
What kind of guy do you like?
The ones who have plenty of money! Nobody's happy when they are broke!
What kind of guy bugs you?
What I call Bugaboos! The ones who blow your phone up and stalk your Facebook page and ask a million questions..also known as insecure! Ain't nobody got time for that !!!!
What is your daily routine like?
Procrastinating on my off days and working at the salon making people look beautiful!
Have you ever had a nickname?
What did you think about droptout.com?
Y'all guys are so freakin cool and your wife needs to be my photoshoot director! She was so nice and helpful! I wish more girls were nice and helpful as she was!