Dropt N Destroyed 2
Winners List
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On October 2nd, Dropt Out presented "Dropt N Destroyed 2" at The Quaker State and Lube in ValleyView, Ohio. Unlike the previous year, spectators were able to bust out their tank tops, walk in their dancin' shoes, or purchase and wear the new Droptout.com shirt that is available in small, medium, large, xx-large, and xxx-large upon request! The show featured many tight whips from all over Ohio, some even came from Pennslyvania where the steel city drinks the beer as if it was a water with lemon!! There were several mini's scrapin the pavements, lowriders hoppin, a clean black on black f150 with lambos not to mention the black on black Caddy, all the classics to imports and many others in attendance. The car/truck limbo seemed to draw a crowd as people witnessed a BMW pack to its limits to make it under the pole. It got scratched too. Klownin Kustoms, located in the Cleveland area, came in second just shy of winning the 100 dolla gift certificate from suicidedoors.com but we cannot leave out love for the s10s scraping under the pole. Next year there will be two different classes for sure! All registers left with a free lil something (shirt, dvd, hat etc) but most importantly we hope they left having a good time. Overall, Dropt Out is pleased with how everything went but we will never be satisfied! We would like to thank EVERYONE from all the registerees to all the spectatoree to all the sponsorees, for showing your love and support for the club home of Ohio's most enthused minitruckin site. A special thanks to Quaker State and Lube and ownership, Summit Racing, Best For Less Car Audio, Suicide Doors, JD Sounds, Graphic Detail, Blizzard Trophy and I personally would like to thank Mr. Aaron Combs for being Dropt Out's Godfather, the man with the masterplan, and most importantly the quality person who cares about his friends, family, club and the entire car community. Thanks for your efforts Sir! On an ending note, Dropt N Destroyed 3 info will be coming as soon as possible after it is signed and sealed, then we will let everyone know when we will deliver! Keep dragging!

1st Chris Dennis 2nd Shawn Tompkins 3rd Mike Tomsik

1st Jerry Horvath 2nd Dan McClain 3rd Jamie Malachin

1st Tony Alexander 1st Bosco Henry 2nd Tony Kelbachor 3rd Eric Giblock

1st Mike Goode 2nd Jamie Hutchinson 2nd Dave Kozman 3rd Kyle Mushet

1st Shawn Indorf 2nd Brandon Dowler 3rd Chris V.

1st Jim Pate 2nd Brad Ritordaro 3rd Jason McDaniel
1st Carl Mehaffey 2nd Jon Delmonico 3rd Dave Shaffer 3rd Denise Bias

1st Smith 2nd Taylor Gibbs

1st Jeff Wey 2nd Lee Mizer 3rd Ron Jamerson

1st Juan 2nd Herman Ezell 3rd Mike Rovansek

1st Jerry Rovansek 2nd Chris B. 3rd Jerry Rovansek

Brad York 2001 Ford Lightning 3 Tickets

Joe Latchaw 4hours 35Minutes

Mike Rovansek 1992 Chevy Dually