The Big Show, where everything at the show is real big, except the women! Big rides, big customs, big vendors, big footage, its the Big Show! The show was very good, the people there, they are what made it worth the 8 hour trip. To the whole K-otic Kustomz Krew, Derrick Mullins from Severed Ties, Terry from Negative Camber: Jersey Chapter, Grounded 4 life from Pa, sexy Jessica and her friend who we admired watching that ass sway left and right, Katfish and his crew, Glen and Mike Pilgreen for not only bringing everyone the entertainment, but for being a staff that hangs out with the crowd, and everyone else from the south, thank you for showing the Dropt Out crew on hand a great time! How can you beat having nice rides around you from the south and be around such a great crowd of people? The night time entertainment was icing on the cake, Begu still believes the hot bikini models were giving him a lil winkie! Unfortunately, the last day of the show we ran into some bad luck AGAIN, while Aaron tore a hydraulic line dragging causing him to twist his bumper up as if it was a dirty thong! You have to look at the glass half full and not half empty, those toyota conversion kits are easier to fix then a hood through the roof! Hopefully going to the show for the third time next year will be our charm!

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