Recently, Droptout went on the road to be part of Slammin and Jammin in Spectator form. Where and the hell do I begin to describe this event?! After leaving on a lovely Sunshining Saturday evening, Droptout came very close to being involved in an automobile accident because a woman tried skipping the stop sign in front of her. After everyone pointing to her in various ways that she was in the wrong, the cruize went on. 2 hours later and still have yet to stop, Mike and Kris decide that peeing in a wide mouth gatorade bottle was cool! Yes folks, we are hardcore car enthusiasts, we thrive on not being late to a car show! Even if it means peeing in a Gatorade bottle, so we don't have to pull over to waste valuable time. As the trip continued, Aaron weaved in and out of whatever WildLife threw at him, BG read the map as if it was upside down in the finest Chinese Print, Joe snored and gave good quality jokes, while Kris and Mike fought over the Gatorade bottles. Finally, Droptout arrived in Lebanon, Tenn. where they parked the luxery van in a spot and got their snooze on. However, fortunately, Mike survived a near scare as he was camped outside and a car, driven by a female go figure, came inches from hitting him. As the ditzy driver not only had the nerve to almost hit him, and just say sorry, she woke up the club by setting off her car alarm! She should have used a club. However, to make this long story short, Slammin and Jammin was a very quality show with the hottest eastside and southern rides. The people were awesome and the girls has sexy accents. The pics speak better then my words.

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