MINI TRUCKIN SPORT TRUCK HAVOC SHOW Dropt Out @ The 1st Annual Havoc Show in Louisville

      Aaron and Beau arrived in Louisville at around 2 in the morning. Most towns start to get ready to close at this time, but not Louisville. At this time, the city party was just getting started! After experiencing a crazy time in Louisville that night/morning, the Ranger was dragged to the show and chilled with its rocker laying on the floor. The show was a great experience for us because there were several Cover trucks available. You don't realize how clean these trucks are until you see them in person.There was a ton of coverage at the show such as MiniTruckin, DropJawMag, Gaugemagazine, Sport truck, and the list went on. Derrick, from Severed Ties, was also on hand selling sets of the newest media on shelves, baseball cards featuring show vehicles on the front. We highly recommend this product. As the show came to its ending, we dragged the Ranger back onto the trailer and drove home.

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